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Monday 13 September 2021

Data Platform Virtual Summit 2021 Keynote

The Data Platform Summit has started. An excellent session covering the Azure data stack identifying when to use each tool and the key innovations with SQL. It was nice to see an explanation of when to use what tool. With so many tools now it becomes hard to know which is the best choice.  This useful chart was shown.

Azure SQL Edge

SQL Server 2019

Solves the modern data challenges 
  • Data visualization and big data clusters
  • Modern platforms with compatibility
  • Built-in machine learning and extensibility
  • Intelligent performance
  • Layers of security and complain
  • Business critical availability

SQL Linux/Container

Containers are portable and can run anywhere containers are supported. They are lightweight with reduced disk, CPU and memory footprint. They have a consistent image of SQL Server, scripts and tools and are efficient with faster deployment, no patching required and less downtime. 

Azure SQL

SQL Server vs. Azure SQL PasS are 
  • business continuity, high availability, automated backups, long term backup retention , geo-replication
  • scale, advanced security, version-less, built in monitoring and built-in intelligence. 

There are Azure SQL Editions for general purpose, business critical and hyperscale

Azure Arc
Bring Azure data services to on-premises, multi cloud and edge with Azure Arc. Azure Arc enabled SQL Managed Instance has many advantages.

The value of the Cloud provides additional tools such as

  • Azure Defender to protect your data
  • Azure SQL Database Ledger for blockchain
  • Telemetry across all your assets with Azure Monitor SQL Insights

Then to help with migration there are tools available

  • Azure Migrate to discover and assess your SQL Server assets
  • Migrate Inline with Azure Data Studio
  • Migrate online with Azure Database Migration Service or Log Replay Service

A few tools were not mentioned that form part of the data suite such as Azure Cosmos DB. The expansion of tools and options has grown significantly over the last few years so it is always good to assess what business objective you are trying to achieve and select the right tool.

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