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Sunday 26 September 2021

Microsoft Research Summit 2021


The Microsoft Research Summit is open to everyone! October 19 - 21, with over 150 sessions across 16 tracks, provides the global research community with an opportunity learn from experts pushing the frontiers of technology. Register now: https://aka.ms/AAdv93n The event will start in three broadcast regions (China Standard Time, British Summer Time, and Pacific Time). Microsoft say

For 30 years, our research community at Microsoft has worked across disciplines, institutions, and geographies to envision and realize the promise of new technologies for Microsoft and for society. Today, we’re inviting the global science and technology community to continue this exploration—because ensuring that future advancements benefit everyone is up to all of us.

Join us at the inaugural Microsoft Research Summit, streaming virtually across three time zones. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from science and technology leaders from around the world—people who are driving advances across the sciences and pushing the limits of technology toward achieving a meaningful impact on humanity.

They want to build a place where research thinks of sustainability, ethics, diversity and is inclusive of everyone. There are some really interesting topics under discussion. 

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