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Sunday 26 September 2021

National AI Strategy

The National AI Strategy was released in September 2021. It is a 10 year plan to transform and reshape our society.

The 3 aims are  to

  • Invest and plan for the long-term needs of the AI ecosystem
  •  Support the transition to an AI-enabled economy
  •  Ensure the UK gets the national and international governance of AI technologies right 

The  document contains a roadmap and details of the pillars . It has 3 pillars

Pillar 1 Investing in the log term needs of the AI ecosystem

Pillar 2 Ensuring AI benefits all sectors and regions

Pillar 3 Governing AI effectively

Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO)

The CDDO has been created within the Cabinet Office to consolidate the core policy and strategy responsibilities for data foundations. They will work with partners to improve government’s use and reuse of data to support data-driven innovation across the public sector.

The UK's National AI Strategy

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