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Thursday 19 May 2022

Azure Synapse Influencer program

There is an exciting new program from Azure Synapse called influencers

The Azure Synapse Influencer program recognizes Azure Synapse Analytics community members who actively support one another by sharing Synapse-related content, announcements, and product news via social media.

The benefits of the new program

  • Official recognition for your support of the Azure Synapse community
  • An exclusive badge for each membership tier
  • Azure Synapse Influencer spotlights and visibility through official Synapse channels
  • Exclusive access to the Synapse engineering team, including events and Q&As
  • Content collaboration opportunities with other Azure Synapse Influencers and the Synapse team
It is great to see 3 different tiers of membership.  This is great to add to the content that Data Toboggan helps bring to the community. 

Sign up here.

Follow @Azure_Synapse on Twitter . Share Azure Synapse-related posts and content using the hashtag #SynapseInfluencers and don't forget #datatoboggan for community content

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