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Thursday 5 May 2022

CDO and Data Leaders Global Summit

Today was the CDO and data leaders global summit hosted by the EDM Council and CDO Magazine designed specifically for senior and C-level data and analytics executives. 

One of the sessions was about the EDM. 

There were discussion about the Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) 14 key controls and Automations. These should help build trust and confidence in the industry. 

The EDM Councils areas of Advocacy 

  • Best Practice - DCAM & Cloud CDMC, Data ROI, ESG Data (environmental, social & corporate governance)
  • Driving Standards - Knowledge Graph, Industry Ontologies, shared lab
  • Training and Certification - virtual & elearning and webinars and events
  • Research and Benchmarking - Global Industry Study, Life Sciences, Data Sharing
  • Regulatory Engagement - Regulators participation
  • Networking - Data Visions, CDO Summit, workgroups and forums

Learn more about the CDMC, and download with a free license for internal use, at: https://edmcouncil.org/page/CDMC

For  those who have been very DAMA Book of Knowledge focused the DCAM (Data Management Capability Assessment Model) is closely aligned. CDMC took the DCAM framework and focused on managing data in Cloud.  It contains a number of best practices specific to the challenges (and opportunities) of Cloud. The council has been in regular communication with global regulators about CDMC, on what controls may be needed in ensuring safe and effective Cloud environments.

Controls that will be used in Snowflake to satisfy the EDMC's CDMC framework can be found at the GIT link is: https://github.com/Snowflake-Labs/EDMC-CDMC-v1-14-Control_Mapping . On the Microsoft side in Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager there are templates for CDMC key controls.

The keynote was interesting talking about how the CDMC - Cloud Data Management Capabilities Framework - will have a global impact as the best practice standard for cloud Data.  The session labelled as global industry standard for accelerating trusted cloud adoption created through global industry workgroup between May 2020 to September 2021.  There were 100+ companies and 300+ participants. The panel was made up of 


Two reports to read
EDM Council ESG Corporate Reporting Entities report 
EDM Council ESG Rating Providers and Data Aggregators report

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