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Tuesday 24 May 2022

Microsoft Build Keynote 2022

 The Microsoft Build keynote announced a raft of new features. Satya took a whistle top of new features within 10 areas.

So many new features but these are the highlights of features i am looking forward to using

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is now generally available. This new, integrated platform unifies operational databases, analytics and data governance.  Read about it hear.

The platform accelerates innovation, achieves agility and is built on a trusted platform.

Microsoft Purview, the unified data governance platform Satya said

  • Creates a unified map of your data across hybrid sources
  • enables discovery of data that powers business insights
  • enables insight into sensitive data to be gained across your organization

Datamart in Power BI is a new self-service capability included with Power BI Premium that enables users to uncover actionable insights through their own data without any help from IT teams. Power BI integrated governance allows users to apply Microsoft Purview Information Protection sensitivity labels, track data lineage and impact, or retrieve all Datamarts and metadata via automation (scanner APIs).

Public Preview of Azure Synapse Link for SQL . Azure Synapse Link for SQL is an automated system for replicating data from your transactional databases (both SQL Server 2022 and Azure SQL Database) into a dedicated SQL pool in Azure Synapse Analytics. 

Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights will be generally available July 1, 2022. I will share more details about this in another blog and the new dashboards now available.

The public preview of SQL Server 2022 . This includes link feature for Azure SQL Managed Instance, Azure Synapse Link for SQL, integrated Microsoft Purview and more. Read about it here  

Microsoft Graph is empowering many areas and there are always more Microsoft AI and OpenAI features. There are some interesting metaverse developments. So how to build a metaverse for Data Toboggan is the question?

Microsoft Build book of news  https://news.microsoft.com/build-2022-book-of-news/ 

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