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Wednesday 29 November 2023

A Generative AI course for beginners

Microsoft Cloud Advocates have created a new set of training materials to enable the learning of the fundamentals of building Generative AI applications with a 12-lesson comprehensive course. Each lesson covers a key aspect of Generative AI principles and application development. Throughout this course, you will be building your own Generative AI start up so you can get an understanding of what it takes to launch your ideas. The agenda is below.

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Course Introduction - How to Take This Course
Concepts Taught

Tech setup and course structure
Learning Goal
Setting you up for success while learning in this course

Introduction to Generative AI and LLMsConcept: Generative AI and the current technology landscapeUnderstanding what Generative AI is and how Large Language Models (LLMs) work.

Exploring and comparing different LLMsConcept: Testing, iterating, and comparing different Large Language ModelsSelect the right model for your use case

Using Generative AI ResponsiblyConcept: Understanding the limitations of foundation models and the risks behind AILearn how to build Generative AI Applications responsibly

Understanding Prompt Engineering FundamentalsCode/Concept: Hands-on application of Prompt Engineering Best PracticesUnderstand prompt structure & usage

Creating Advanced PromptsCode/Concept: Extend your knowledge of prompt engineering by applying different techniques to your promptsApply prompt engineering techniques that improve the outcome of your prompts.

Building Text Generation ApplicationsCode: Build a text generation app using Azure OpenAIUnderstand how to efficiently use tokens and temperature to vary the model's output

Building Chat ApplicationsCode: Techniques for efficiently building and integrating chat applications.Identify key metrics and considerations to effectively monitor and maintain the quality of AI-powered chat applications

Building Search Apps Vector DatabasesCode: Semantic vs Keyword search. Learn about text embeddings and how they apply to searchCreate an application that uses Embeddings to search for data.

Building Image Generation ApplicationsCode: Image generation and why it's useful in building applicationsBuild an image generation application

Building Low Code AI ApplicationsLow Code: Introduction to Generative AI in Power PlatformBuild a Student Assignment Tracker App for our education startup with Low Code

Integrating External Applications with Function CallingCode: What is function calling and its use cases for applicationsSetup a function call to retrieve data from an external API

Designing UX for AI ApplicationsConcept: Designing AI Applications for Trust and TransparencyApply UX design principles when developing Generative AI Applications

Continue Your LearningLinks to continue your learning from each lesson!Mastering your Generative AI skills

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