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Friday 10 November 2023

PASS Data Community Summit 2023

PASS Data Community Summit have revealed that they will be livestreaming 16 key sessions for free. LIVE from #PASSDataSummit 2023 in Seattle November 14-17.  From #AzureSQL, #SQLServer to #DevOps and #ChatGPT, we've got it all covered.  More details can be found in their blog post  on how to join the livestream. 

All timings are in Pacific time, and the sessions are:

Wednesday November 15

8.15-9.30am – KEYNOTE: Limitless growth, limitless opportunities: Data and innovation in an AI world

9.30-10.15am – break

10.15-11.30am – COMMUNITY: What’s New in Azure SQL and SQL Server, Data Exposed Live

11.30am-12pm – break

12-1pm – LUNCHEON: Database DevOps Luncheon: All you Ever Wanted to Know but were too Afraid to Ask

1-1.30pm – break

1.30-2.45pm – MICROSOFT: Data Warehousing Simplified in Microsoft Fabric

2.45-3.15pm – break

3.15-4.30pm – COMMUNITY: Automating Database Deployments using Azure DevOps

4.30-4.45pm – break

4.45-6pm – AWS: 3-Step Guide to Modernize SQL Server to PostgreSQL

Thursday November 16

8.15-9.30am – KEYNOTE: The New Database Landscape – Revealing Shifts and Charting the Next Horizon

9.30-10.15am – break

10.15-11.30am – REDGATE: Redgate Product Launch: Transform your software delivery with Test Data Management

11.30am-12pm – break

12-1pm – LUNCHEON: Women in Technology: Got your Back: Finding Allies at Work

1-1.30pm – break

1.30-2.45pm – INTEL: How Microsoft & Intel Power Your SQL Server environments

2.45-3.15pm – break

3.15-4.30pm – COMMUNITY: Easy Enterprise Integration with Azure PaaS Services

4.30-4.45pm – break

4.45-6pm – COMMUNITY: Accelerated Database Recovery – A Deep Dive Behind the Magic

Friday November 17

8.15-9.30am – KEYNOTE: AIOps and ChatGPT: Prepare to Ride the Next Wave

9.30-10.15am – break

10.15-11.30am – REDGATE: Cloud Migration: The Good, the Bad, and How to Plan for Success

11.30am-1.30pm – break

1.30-2.45pm – MICROSOFT: What You Should Know About Always On Availability Groups

2.45-3.15pm – break

3:15-4:30pm – MICROSOFT: Everything You Need to Know About Data Virtualization in SQL

Lots of amazing sessions to watch.

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