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Thursday 16 November 2023

PASS Community Summit 2023 Keynote 1

The PASS Data Community Summit 2023 global data conference is happening in Seattle between 14-17 November 14-17 2023.  

The first keynote 'Limitless growth, limitless opportunities: Data and innovation in an AI world' was given by  Shireesh Thota. He started talking about new technologies and how they offer limitless potential with AI, Generative AI and Real-time capabilities.  The limitiless growth with Azure and those SQL databases: SQL Server, Azure SQL, Postgres, CosmosDB and MySQL. These offer limitless scale, flexible tools, Built-in AI, Performance and Guaranteed availability. 

There are celebrations a foot due to SQL Server on Windows reaching 30 years old this year. SQL Server 2022 is the fastest adopted version of SQL Server with growth on both Windows and Linux. He also mentioned SQL Server enabled by Azure Arc with that cloud manageability for managing your entire SQL Server estate. Announcements were made

Discussions moved to Azure SQL and the family of SQL cloud in edge databases. A further announcement was made about the Azure SQL Managed Instance feature wave , that is now generally available. Azure SQL Managed instance has a free offer in preview for 12 months of free managed instance, available soon.

 What's new in Azure SQL Managed Instance?

They talked about that Cloud Modernization Journey: Evaluate, Optimize, Migrate and Modernize with ease. 

Another announcement Azure SQL Database Hyperscale will be same price as commercial OSS databases – General Available mid December.

Some further to announcements were shared

  • Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore – Generally Available
  • Vector Search in Azure Cosmos DB for MongoDB vCore – Generally Available 
  • Natural language queries for Azure Cosmos DB – Public Preview
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL Extension for Azure AI – Preview

Then concluding with the database of the future will be autonomous and intelligent, developer friendly, cost efficient, and mission critical by default.

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