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Thursday 25 April 2024

Data Governance, Data Ethics and Responsible AI video series

I wanted to be able to share some thoughts on 3 of my favourite topics, Data Governance, Data Ethics and Responsible AI. There are many tools that help frame the subject area, from a data management perspective and there are useful Microsoft Tools to help you down the responsible AI and Governance route. There is a wealth of information available and wanted to, in under 5 mins a video, empower people to quickly have useful tips to move forward in this important space.  So it is an easily digestible series that is time efficient, has standalone content with an overall theme.
  • Data Governance to help govern and manage that data to improve trust and data quality 
  • Data Ethics to help mitigate issues with data integrity and provenance
  • Responsible AI to look a bias, fairness and efficacy in decisions

Episode 1 Introduction

Episode 2 what is data governance

Episode 3 what is data ethics

Episode 4 What is Responsible AI

Episode 5 Responsible AI Tools Microsoft Standard v2

Episode 6 Responsible AI Tools Impact Assessment and guide

Episode 7 Responsible AI Tools HAX Toolkit

Episode 8 Responsible AI Tools Maturity Model

Episode 9 The EU Act

Episode 10 UK Government Assurance

Episode 11 Content Safety

Episode 12 Responsible AI Dashboard

Watch this space as the next set of videos will cover how this fits in with data quality and how Microsoft Purview can help with data preparation.

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