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Tuesday 9 April 2024

Fabric Mirroring Overview

There was a new feature announced last year that has been developing called Mirroring in Fabric which became Public Preview in March 2024.  This enables bringing your databases into Fabric.

Fabric mirroring is a feature within Microsoft Fabric that allows for seamless and real-time data replication from various databases into a centralized analytics platform known as OneLake. This process is designed to be frictionless, eliminating the need for complex Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) pipelines, which are traditionally used to move and transform data from one system to another.

The primary advantage of fabric mirroring is its ability to provide near real-time insights by continuously updating the data in OneLake as changes occur in the source databases. This uses Change Data Capture (CDC) technology, to capture and replicate data changes to OneLake to ensure the data is always current and synchronized.

By mirroring data into OneLake, organizations can break down data silos and unify their data estate, allowing for more efficient data governance and analysis. The data which has been mirrored can be used for analytics with ease to perform various analytical tasks.

Fabric mirroring simplifies the data access process by allowing databases to be securely accessed and managed within Fabric without the need to switch database clients or install additional software. It is possible for a mirrored database to be cross joined with other databases, warehouses or lakehouses whether that be data in Azure Cosmos DB, Azure SQL DB, Snowflake, etc.   

In summary, fabric mirroring is a transformative feature that streamlines data replication and analysis, providing businesses with a modern, fast, and safe way to access and ingest data, thereby accelerating the journey to valuable insights and informed decision-making.

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