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Monday 29 April 2024

Open Lakes

This is an insightful article entitled Open Lakes, Not Walled Gardens by Raghu Ramakrishnan and Josh Caplan.  

The Fabric design principles consider the 

Open Ecosystem

Ensuring there are no proprietary barriers to data in OneLake, allowing integration with other services.

Security and Governance 

Data in OneLake must be secure and governed, integrating with Microsoft Purview for global policies.

Creating accessible data with no Silos 

Making the entire data estate easily accessible in OneLake without unnecessary data duplication.

SaaS Simplicity

Providing a suite of analytic engines in a secure, governed environment with single sign-on.

The article discusses the concept of open lakes for analytics, emphasizing the need for a unified view of data across an enterprise’s data estate to draw true insights. The advancements in big data tools, cloud storage, machine learning, and AI models, which offer opportunities to analyze core assets and processes through data in the Golden Age of Analytics.

The Microsoft implementation of the open lake vision with OneLake and Fabric focuses on data storage, analytics, sharing, and governance integrated with Microsoft Purview for data estate-wide governance. It outlines the importance of securing and governing enterprise data, detailing how OneLake and Fabric address these needs with built-in features and integration with Microsoft Purview for global data estate governance.

Governance for the organization, estate-level, and policy enforcement and sharing of data is a core tenant. Governance within Fabric and Onelake covers organizational governance, Estate-Level Governance where Microsoft Purview provides a global view of the entire data estate, offering a central catalog for all assets across all sources, global policies to secure sensitive data, and support for managing critical data risks and regulatory compliance. Policy Enforcement and Data Sharing are also discussed. 

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