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Wednesday 3 April 2024

Microsoft Purview Fabric announcements

There were a number of announcements at the Microsoft Fabric Community Conference including the new Microsoft Purview for modern data governance was shared.  With business moving towards federated governance models, managed by line of business to help with more local understanding and increasing volumes of data, Microsoft have launched in Purview the capability for organizations to create subdomains to refine the way the data estate is structured in Fabric. Security has also become easier with the ability to set security groups for default domains

Microsoft Fabric is now natively integrated with Microsoft Purview Data Governance solution. There is a reimagined data governance experience for the data estate governance practice. The new experience includes data curation, an important new feature including data quality with insights. The new experience is available in preview 8 April 2024. This new experience is aiming to help accelerate measurable business value with key results, simplification and to help with implementing efficiency with natural language recommendations. 

Purview enables business terminology linkage to 

  • Data Products (a collection of data assets used for a business function) 
  • Business Domains (ownership of Data Products) 
  • Data Quality (assessment of quality) 
  • Data Access, Actions 
  • Data Estate Health (reports and insights)

A really exciting new feature we have all been waiting for is the data quality capabilities.  The is now the Data Quality model to set rules top down with business domains, data products, and the data assets. The model generates data quality scores at the asset, data product, or business domain level from the policies on terms or rules.  The score rules show on the dashboard as red/yellow/green indicator scores. The 2 capabilities in this data quality model are:

  • Profiling—quick sample set insights 
  • Data quality scans—in-depth scans of full data sets

It is great to see the Microsoft Purview continues to align to the EDM Council set of 14 rules. 

There is now an actions centre showing the current health summarising actions by role, data product or business domain for governance. This actions centra aims to help improve governance posture for the business. 

There is partnership with Ernst & Young LLP who will share playbooks and reports for US financial services customers on Azure Marketplace, throughout the preview. 

In summary there is a shift away from traditional IT-centric data architecture to federated architectures such as data mesh. The automated way to deal with Data Quality is a game changer for business. 


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