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Friday 1 May 2009

Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004

The following table lists the databases and provides details of the ones that you must back up on a regular basis.

BAM Primary Import (BAMPrimaryImport)
This is the database where the Business Activity Monitoring tool collects the raw tracking data.

BAM Star Schema (BAMStarSchema)
This database contains the staging table, and the measure and dimension tables.

BAM Analysis (BAMAnalysis)
This database contains Business Activity Monitoring OLAP cubes for both online and offline analysis.

BAM Archive (BAMArchive)
This database archives old Business Activity data. Create a BAM Archive database to minimize the accumulation of Business Activity data in the BAM Primary Import database.

HWS Administration (BizTalkHWSDb)
This database contains all administration information related to Human Workflow Services (HWS).

BizTalk Tracking (BizTalkDTADb)
This database stores business and health monitoring data tracked by the BizTalk Server tracking engine.

BizTalk Configuration (BizTalkMgmtDb)
This database is the central meta-information store for all BizTalk Servers.

BizTalk Message Box (BizTalkMsgBoxDb)
This database stores subscription predicates. It is a host platform, where the queues and state tables for each BizTalk Server host are kept. This database also stores the messages and message properties.

Rule Engine (BizTalkRuleEngineDb)
This database is a repository for:
• Policies, which are sets of related rules.
• Vocabularies, which are collections of user-friendly, domain-specific names for data references in rules.

Credential (SSODB)
This Enterprise Single Sign-On credential database securely stores the configuration information for receive locations.

Trading Partner Management (TPM)
This database stores trading partner data for Business Activity Services (BAS).

Tracking Analysis Server (BizTalkAnalysisdb)
This database stores both business and health monitoring OLAP cubes.

BizTalk EDI (BizTalkEDIdb)
This database stores state for the electronic data interchange (EDI) feature.
Backing Up Your Databases

Backing Up Your Databases


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