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Wednesday 6 May 2009

Policy Based Management


Facet - Defines a management area within the policy based framework for a predefined set of properties
Condition - contains a single condition that you want to enforce that evaluates to True or False; i.e. the state of a Facet
Policy - defines the permitted stated for properties of a single facet and is a set of conditions specified on the facets of a target.
Target - an entity that is managed by Policy-Based management; e.g. a database, a table, an index, etc.

Order creation

Select a facet that contains properties you want to configure
Define a condition that specifies the permitted states of the facet
Define a policy that contains the conditions and sets one of the evaltion modes

Policy evaluation modes

• On demand - The policy is evaluated only when directly ran by the administrator.
• On change: prevent - DDL triggers are used to prevent policy violations.
• On change: log only - Event notifications are used to check a policy when a change is made.
• On schedule - A SQL Agent job is used to periodically check policies for violations.

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